Samsun GoTürkiye

Samsun, whose history dates back to 60.000 BC, is the most populous city in the Central Black Sea Region today. Samsun, which has been an important port city throughout history, was dominated by Kaska, Hittite, Persian, Macedonian, Pontus, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman and in this context, it has a rich archaeological and cultural heritage.

The city is also called "The City Where the Sun Rises" and "Atatürk’s City" because during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the flame of independence of Türkiye, which was under occupation, was firedby Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in Samsun on 19 May 1919.

The city, which is irrigated by dozens of small streams and rivers together with Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak, and which is the focus of interest of nature lovers with its rich vegetation and forests, has a rich potential in terms of plateau and nature tourism as well as coastal areas with blue flag beaches.

Samsun, which is a transit route connecting the surrounding provinces with each other and abroad by road, railway, seaway and air, is an important trade, tourism and cultural center with its industry, nature and cultural richness.